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EVP – What is it and Why is it Vital to Attracting and Retaining the Best Talent?

A highly competitive labour market as well as global challenges affecting economic pressures have had significant knock on effects...

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Managing a Counteroffer

After a challenging recruitment search, a diligent interview process and many hours of your time, you have made a...

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IP Recruitment Trends for 2023

We have pulled together our latest research and experiences to highlight the top recruitment trends emerging for 2023 in...

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Two Simple Steps to Setting Employee Goals

In today’s turbulent economic environment, is it realistic, or even fair, to set yearly goals for your employees?

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Supporting Employee Wellbeing – at an Organizational Level

What is the current status of employee mental wellbeing? One third of employees in the UK say that work...

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Tactics to Manage Your Career in an Uncertain World

For the last two years uncertainty has surrounded us all. From a global pandemic, climate change, the war in...

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MWA Point of View: What Do Employees Want? How Uncertainty with Working Arrangements is Impacting New Hires and Employee Retention.

Over the last decade working arrangements has been an increasingly popular topic of discussion; following the Covid pandemic, working...

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How to Achieve Effective Meetings

Meetings: virtual, face-to-face, groups, one-on-one, clients, colleagues…. With whomever and in whichever setting, they take up a significant proportion...

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Soft Skills or Power Skills? Why These Skills are High on the Employment Agenda.

Soft skills, or more recently coined power skills, are increasingly occurring in the focus of employment trends. Soft skills...

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