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Here at MWA we are experts in recruiting within the Intellectual Property sector. We have over 70 years of combined experience in discovering and placing people across the globe in a variety of IP positions. We understand intellectual property.

Our network of contacts and our wealth of experience spans the patent, trademark, legal and support service worlds.

We have worked across many industry sectors from pharmaceuticals to semi-conductors and telecommunications to offshore energy; we have also worked closely with highly-regarded, award-winning IP law firms.

Across all fields, we work closely with clients to discover the core skills and values of the person they require. We also work closely with our candidates, supporting them with career advice and direction. Our work is governed by our values and we bring to you the best service we can offer.

We aim to bring the best candidates to revered clients. Our continuously growing knowledge and experience means you can feel secure in the knowledge that MWA will provide the bespoke IP recruitment service that you need.



At MWA we know patents. With a long-standing history in the profession, we have built relationships with attorneys and clients across the globe. We have over 70 years’ experience across our team thus, becoming specialists in patent recruitment.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the patent process and all this entails. We have worked across all industry sectors such as, automotive, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, telecommunications, medical devices, semiconductors, as well as private practice firms and we know that each client requires a different focus. Similarly, we understand that each and every candidate is looking to develop and progress in a different way. We have recruited attorneys with a variety of expertise and experience. Having recruited for many senior and leadership positions, we know the need for other qualities and requirements, in addition to the technical knowledge.

Our knowledge, experience and values define our reputation. We are specialists in placing patent attorneys across Europe and the rest of the world, and have worked in over twenty different countries. Regardless of your patent needs, we can offer support and expertise. Our team work passionately to find the right person for your team.



As recruiters in the IP sector, we also have considerable experience in discovering and placing talented Trademark Attorneys. We have recruited trademark attorneys across the globe, from Shanghai to Amsterdam. We have experience in multiple jurisdictions across Europe and our global experience is ever-expanding.

We are experience in recruiting trademark attorneys and understand the varying needs of our clients. From private practice to industry, we support our clients to find just the right people. To date we have worked with a variety of clients including, high-end electronic companies, those in FMCG and pharmaceuticals as well as top-tier IP law firms.

Just as we know patents, we know trademarks and we know the differing needs and skills required to recruit in the trademark sector. We understand that some of our clients require a qualified trademark attorney whilst others require an attorney-at-law. We have a deep understanding and a solid network across both fields.


Support Services

Here, at MWA, we know how important and valued each and every member of the team is. We have built up a successful division to support a range of IP functions including, paralegals, formalities, analysts and patent searchers. We offer a bespoke service as we know each client has different needs. From our experiences across the support sector, our Support Services team has built up an extensive knowledge of this sector, which also enable us to advise candidates in their career decisions. In addition, we are able to offer direction and input to our clients in order to support them in defining support roles.

We also offer an additional service in collaboration with IP-Safe, who are specialists in outsourcing IP support services across Europe. Please head to IP Administration to discover more about this specialist service.

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