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    Kieron’s 24 Hour AMRAP Challenge for Candlelighters

    On 17th and 18th December Kieron, along with other members of his CrossFit team, Team Kratos, will be taking part in an endurance event called the 24 hour AMRAP ( to raise money for the children’s cancer charity, Candlelighters.   The competition lasts 24 hours during which time each team of six athletes must complete a minimum of 500 repetitions of a prescribed exercise, in order to remain in the race. Kieron and his team will be looking to reach over 2000 repetitions per hour, for 24 hours. That’s equal to using up over 12000 calories per athlete!

    The AMRAP challenge is the world’s toughest real-time online team event which lasts for 24 hours and is a unique, one-of-a-kind, annual team event, that connects athletes and gyms from all over the world, simultaneously. This event is a challenge, the ultimate test of physical and mental perseverance, an amazing experience… for the athletes, the box, the community, the supporters… but it’s also a competition: at the end of the event, after 24 hours, the team with the highest total amount of completed reps is the champion!

    Kieron, who took part in this event last year has set himself a target of raising £5,000 for Candlelighters during 2016.  He has chosen the AMRAP competition as his main fundraising event as he hopes the endurance required and challenge it provides will encourage people to sponsor him.

    Candlelighters is a very special charity based in Yorkshire, North England, who support and care for children with cancer and their families. They fund a substantial amount into cancer research, family holidays, grants, essential additional services within hospital and vital support for families battling children’s cancer.  MWA has chosen to support this charity because we care deeply about the work Candlelighters carries out in helping families through this dreadful time. We know families who have suffered the appalling experience of seeing their child battle this terrible disease. The impact long term is devastating when a child is robbed of those precious years through hospital treatments, long-term clinical monaitoring and recovery.

    If you wish to sponsor Kieron for this unique challenge please use the following link provided at   Alternatively, you can contact Kieron directly to arrange a donation.   We, together with Candlelighters, are grateful for any donation you are able to give and look forward to helping Kieron and Team Kratos reach the target of £5000.

    If you would like more information on CrossFit, please see the following Youtube video,

    MWA have been raising money for Candlelighters for the past year by donating a proportion of their fee every time a candidate is placed.  They wish to further their commitment to the Charity by taking part in other fundraising events throughout the year.  For more information on Candlelighters and the amazing work they do please see

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