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    DNA Script was created to revolutionize DNA synthesis with enzymes. The company’s core R&D efforts have produced innovations in enzyme engineering, surface and nucleotide chemistries, and
    instrumentation. The integration of these innovations has resulted in SYNTAX™️, the world’s first benchtop DNA printer powered by enzymatic technology. With continued advancement and innovation, DNA Script’s enzymatic DNA synthesis technology is poised to become the engine of genomics research and personalized medicine.



    Since their inception in 2014, DNA Script have, thus far, raised over $350 million and have diligently developed and refined their inventions and science. In the last few years, DNA Script have grown their team significantly. This is owed to their success as well as the prosperous future ahead of the company. Now, DNA Script is bringing more and more of its IP in-house. With a friendly culture, industry experts and significant incentives, now is the time to join DNA Script.



    DNA Script is now looking to recruit a Patent Counsel into their expanding IP team. Based in the French capital, you will work closely with your two IP colleagues, as well as colleagues in the US. In this position, you will have high visibility across DNA Script. Particularly, you will be visible and proactive in R&D. Here, you will support the development and direction of inventions, educate colleagues on IP and analyse the technological landscape in which the company operates. You will be involved in all aspects of patent matters – from drafting and prosecution through to strategy and litigation. To fulfil this role, DNA Script would like to welcome a fellow scientist who is passionate about biotechnology and genetics as well as IP. If this sounds like you, then DNA Script would like to hear from you!


    DNA Script

    Location: Paris, France

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