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    MWA Introduces: Monika Still

    For our third MWA team spotlight, we are pleased to present Monika Still. Monika is a Search Associate with MWA, and has been a part of the team since 2022. 


    Tell us about your journey to joining MWA

    I am a native to the Czech Republic, where I grew up. After I finished my studies at university, one of my friends, who was working in London, thought that it would be a good idea for me to come to the UK for the summer. The Czech Republic had joined the EU just 3 days after I received my diploma, so I jumped on the bus – 27hrs later I arrived in London with £30 in my pocket and two words of English! I remember driving through London for the very first time, and instantly falling in love with what became my new home.

    That summer passed in the blink of an eye, and loving the buzz and liveliness of the city I decided to stay longer. Longer is now almost 20 years, and I am in the beautiful West Yorkshire, in the picturesque town of Ilkley where MWA is based.

    But I will fast forward a bit and explain my journey to MWA…

    In London I worked as a nanny for a year and studied English. After that, life and networking led me to be an official representative for UEFA at Chelsea FC which opened doors to the world of marketing and events. Event-focused roles for GSK, Citibank, and Nomura followed and I spent over 14 years in the corporate world.  

    I stepped away from this amazing but very fast-paced world with the arrival of our son and as my husband’s job took us to the beautiful Ilkley. Following COVID, I was ready to go back to the work force and I joined the growing team at MWA.


    Tell us a little about your role at MWA within the IP sector.

    My role is focused on the initial contact with candidates. I reach out and establish the relationships which feed into the searches conducted by MWA. My role requires excellent time management, organisational, and communication skills, coupled with the ability to identify and overcome obstacles and be a solution-finder.


    What do you enjoy about the work you do?

    I enjoy the diversity and novelty; No two days in the office are the same. One day may be filled with making initial contact or just catching up with candidates, and the next day will be all about preparation of client reports.

    As a specialist recruiter for IP, I am often learning about the new industries we are working in. I really enjoy working within the team we have; we are not just colleagues but friends and people who will always support and help each other. Most of all, I enjoy being a part of an amazing team that can have such a positive impact on people’s lives.

    Tell us one thing that people may not know about you.

    People may not know that even though I can be the queen of networking and life of the party I really and truly am an introverted person who loves spending time with my family, including our adorable cockerpoo and a few close friends.

    Being in this amazing part of the country we enjoy all the activities it has to offer – mountain biking, hiking, exploring, and being outdoors in general.


    What is your top career advice to professionals in the intellectual property field?

    Even though I have only been a part of the IP world for 18 months, my journey through the corporate world taught me to always be open to new opportunities. Have an open mind and be ready to listen and have a discussion. It never hurts to talk, and allowing yourself to learn about new opportunities when you may not be actively looking could open a door you didn’t know about.


    What are your plans for the year ahead?

    My professional plans for 2024 are to increase my core skills in the world of IP and grow my knowledge and professional network. In my personal life I will be focusing on the health and mental wellbeing of myself and my family, and will continue to travel and learn about new countries.


    Rachel Atkins, Consultant at MWA, shares her thoughts on Monika’s contributions at MWA:

    ‘I feel very grateful to work in a team alongside Monika. She is a true team player, who is supportive and helpful to all. Monika works hard and genuinely cares about the work she does. She has a friendly and empathetic manner with all candidates, which makes her very approachable and easy to speak with. Monika is also very resilient – which is something I admire in her. She is truly a pleasure to work with – we are lucky to have her in the MWA team!’

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