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    How MWA can help you to hire the best quality IP professionals in a competitive and challenging market.

    We understand that hiring within the intellectual property sector today is challenging. Finding great talent in a timely manner, who want to commit to develop in your company is time-consuming and uncertain. In this article, we hope to provide a potential solution to your recruitment challenges.  

    Much More Than Just Recruitment

    As a specialised executive search firm, we focus on our area of expertise: intellectual property careers. The benefits of doing so are substantial.

    • It allows us to invest significant time and energy forging relationships with professionals within this niche market, learning the types of positions quality candidates would see as advancing their careers.
    • And, importantly, we try to maintain contact and a positive relationship with professionals even when they are not actively looking for a new role.

    Why do we invest countless hours establishing unique connections with professionals in the industry? Because we care.

    At the core of MWA is the value we place in genuine connections with professionals. We look to foster introductions across the IP industry that bring about a benefit for both an employer and an employee.

    Still, you may be wondering what value can we bring in addition to internal recruiters?

    Furthermore, organisations we partner with may have in-house recruiters and HR professionals, which are a great asset to any company; however, their time is only finite. Managing recruitment across a broad organisation and being an expert in diverse careers poses a significant challenge.  This is where an executive recruiter can help. We have the time, network and knowledge to reach the best candidates in the industry – who are likely not even looking on social media and other platforms for a new opportunity.

    When partnering with us, and a successful placement has been made, we have also developed a tailored transition programme to support the integration of a new hire into your team. In recruitment, the first 90 days can be the most challenging. Consequently, with evidence-backed tips, we will work alongside your new hire to support their new career journey.

    Partner with us

    We will come back to you and arrange a time to discuss your hiring needs, and how MWA can support you.

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      We Achieve Success Through Genuine Relationships

      The role of nurture is also key to hiring exceptional candidates – and it is something that is not always easily achieved with the limited time and resources that an in-house recruiter possesses. Passive, yet highly skilled, professionals who are not actively looking may need to be nurtured and enticed. This is why at MWA it is so important for us to partner with both our clients and our candidates.

      We only foster client and candidate relationships where we genuinely believe there is truly a great fit.

      For example, during a career catch-up conversation, we happen to share a role that seems to fit exceptionally well with the candidate’s career goal. The candidate is not actively looking so they are understandably hesitant. We can see the alignment between their skills and knowledge and the needs of our client company. In addition, we know the company can provide a great platform for this candidate to utilise their knowledge and work more autonomously, allowing greater impact to the bigger mission of the company. This alignment is unique, and we will foster this relationship as we genuinely believe there is an advantage, and opportunity, for both client and candidate.

      Working in partnership with both our client and candidate ensures we understand the needs and hopes of each side. Thus, we hope to:

      • avoid rejections and counter-offers
      • reduce drop-out rates
      • create open channels of communication
      • understand key motivators
      • build solid rapport
      • increase the chance of successful placements

      We are here to help you succeed in hiring the best quality IP professionals in a competitive and challenging market.

      At MWA, working with IP professionals every day is what we do. We know how the industry works and we have worked hard to build a successful reputation for placing quality professionals with great companies. Over the years, we have partnered with many diverse and interesting organisations. If you would like to begin a conversation to discover how we can support your hiring need, then please do let us know.

      It starts with a conversation...

      We will come back to you and arrange a time to discuss your hiring needs, and how MWA can support you.

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