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    In 2012, Merlin Wright Associates was born. After thirteen years working within the Intellectual Property recruitment sector, our Founding Director, Kieron Wright, followed his passion to develop a bespoke, value-based recruitment firm. Ten years later, MWA has established a collaborative team who are dedicated to supporting the careers and needs of our valued candidates and clients.  



    Kieron, who has over 20 years’ experience in IP recruitment, was not always involved in the IP field. Upon completion of his academic career, during which he was part of the Great British Triathlon Squad, Kieron had a brief interlude in the Royal Marines as a Commissioned Officer. However, an injury would force his resignation, which led him to seek other career opportunities. In 1997, Kieron migrated into the IP recruitment world and subsequently went on to gain an MBA from Warwick University. 

    Thanks to Kieron’s passion, determination and care, MWA is now approaching a triumphant ten-year anniversary. From its inception, MWA has always been a person-centred and collaborative firm. Kieron worked alongside our Finance Director, Lisa Wright, to develop the firm. Lisa has always been a reliable and wise source of knowledge and worked hard to establish the foundations of the firm. Subsequently, as the team grew, each and every member has made great contributions to defining MWA as it is today. 

    Louise Dale joined MWA at its inception. Her experience, skill and genuine nature helped to cement the foundations of the firm. Louise has always made exceptional contributions to MWA. She has simultaneously grown her own career alongside the development of the firm; now, she is working as a successful Consultant, leading the MWA French operation.  

    In 2014, Sophie Caygill, joined the team in a research and operational role. Sophie has been active in the IP world since 2001, when a  long-lasting working relationship and friendship with Kieron was established. Sophie is a real asset to the team. As an incredibly supportive colleague and expert communicator, Sophie has established herself as a dependable and consistent pillar within MWA. She has always provided a thoughtful and sincere approach to all her work; this is reflected in the positive reputation we hope MWA has and continues to build.  



    Over the years, MWA has worked hard to build and maintain a network of genuine, constructive connections with both candidates and clients alike. Along the way, a collaboration with the UK IP recruitment firm, Sacco Mann, was established – this presented a pivotal point in the MWA’s development. To work with Catherine French, Director, and her excellent team, has been a pleasure – it was a particular delight to find a company and team who share the same values as MWA. 

     More recently, MWA acquired the recruitment company, Marlow IP, founded by Graham Marlow. As a long-term friend and old colleague of Kieron’s, Graham joined forces with MWA and became the company’s Associate Director. His collaboration brings a wealth of knowledge and welcomed support. 

    During 2021, in the same spirit of purposeful growth, MWA welcomed Rachel Atkins to the team. Rachel has a background in psychology and previously worked as a teacher. Rachel, who is creative, proactive and shows a real talent to grow in this industry, has brought an entirely new perspective to MWA – paving the way to an exciting future.  

    Owing to the humble success of MWA is our team. With every member that joins the MWA team, there appears to be one consistent quality – and it’s not just a love of dogs! No, the quality that we very much hope will continue the success of MWA, is the care and passion our team has for each other and those we work with. As Kieron notes: 

    ‘At MWA, we are lucky to have found each other in a place of work. We support each other and make up a working family. Yes, we act professionally and with integrity, but we also have fun along the way. This is the cornerstone of our business.’



    Now, in continuous evolution, MWA is both refining and progressing its holistic approach to demonstrate the new and forward-thinking changes taking place. This is showcased with the launch of the new company website. At MWA, these recent developments represent our commitment to the future and our aspirations to become one of the top IP recruitment firms in Europe.  

    Upon reflection of the last decade and as we look to the future, all of us at MWA, continue to be driven by our core values: we are inspired by the relationships our team have developed and the future prospect of joining forces with both candidates and clients for many years to come.  

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