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IP Manager

Dongtan, South Korea

IP Manager

The Opportunity

The company was founded in 1968 during the birth of the semiconductor industry and is headquartered in the Netherlands.  Since this time, they have been coming up with new ways for manufacturers to make microchips smaller, cheaper and more powerful.  The scale of their work might be microscopic but the results are enormous. ASM starts by connecting atoms and end up connecting the world, supporting advances in communications, entertainment, energy, transport and medicine. In 2020, ASM continued to further enhance their leading platforms and grow the pipeline of new ALD applications. This represented more than half of their equipment revenue, contributing to a record year in terms of annual sales turnover.

The Role

ASM offers a challenging role in an exciting international environment, working with some of the sharpest minds in the semiconductor industry. You will engage with the wider research community and be part of an ambitious, collective group. Unlike other industry departments which may be facing challenges during the COVID pandemic, ASM’s IP Department is enjoying a period of expansion, and you will be part of this journey, shaping your career and helping to influence the direction of ASM’s innovation and commercial objectives. You are not one attorney of many but your visibility in the team will be high – your contribution and input is crucial and your internal clients are looking to you to be their in-house expert.

Professional Qualities

  • Your academic education in physics, chemistry electrical engineering, materials science or related degree will provide you with a broad base of technical knowledge in the semiconductor space.
  • You will have a strong foundation in drafting and prosecution activities which can then be tailored to the differing needs of the research groups and cases under your charge.
  • You may have come from industry or private practice; both environments are equally useful to the post. What determines who will be suitable will relate to the ‘added value’ in terms of communication, team-work, and business acumen.
  • You will have worked in cross-functional teams where you understand the importance of communicating IP to a range of internal stakeholders. Equally, if your background is private practice, you will have advised a broad range of functions, each requiring different levels of IP detail in order to facilitate commercial decisions.


IP Manager

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