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Head of Gothenburg office


Head of Gothenburg office

The Opportunity

Having recently helped Ström & Gulliksson in their national recruitment campaign where we have successfully recruited three new attorneys to the team we are pleased to be continuing with their plans and are now looking for an ambitious attorney to head up their Gothenburg office.

Since 2014, the firm has shown consistent growth – both in revenue and people. They have attracted talented individuals in all functions and their reputation remains strong. The firm has staffed offices in Malmö, Lund, Stockholm and Gothenburg and from these offices, they are involved in the global market for IP services. The work involves frequent contacts with non-European clients in the Americas, Asia and Australia. This is a highly-competitive area, and Ström & Gulliksson handpicks expert patent attorneys, paralegals and administrators with a high level of knowledge and skill. In partnership with their clients, they develop long-term relationships, which facilitate strategic decisions and enable them to act quickly in patent matters.

The Role

At the heart of Ström & Gulliksson is the focus on creating a strong team philosophy established by attorneys who are modest and confident in their abilities as exceptional practitioners in their profession. This can be evidenced by the many accolades the firm, and attorneys, have received in recent years. Yes, this is because of the quality of the attorneys in the firm but equally because of the quality of the client cases bestowed on the teams and the shared interest across the offices to do the best for their clients.

Professional Qualities

You come with a technical background from any number of fields. What we care about is the person and the qualities you bring as an attorney and your base of knowledge. Preferably, you will come to the position with the European Patent Attorney qualification and ideally you will have a large network.

We have had the pleasure of working with Ström & Gulliksson for almost ten years and we are proud of their achievements and to be part of their journey. They do not choose to shout this from the roof tops, so at times, we must do this for them! But simply speaking, they go about their business in a way upon which their clients have come to depend and who can entrust the future of their own commercial success.


Head of Gothenburg office

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