Charity and Community

Making a positive impact within our community

At MWA we believe that running a business brings responsibility and should have a positive impact on our society.  Business is about more than just making profit and when we are doing well we want our chosen charity and community partners to benefit.

Our nominated charity for this year is Candlelighters, an organisation close to our hearts and based near our Yorkshire office that supports and cares for children with cancer and their families. Candlelighters funds cancer research, family holidays, grants, essential additional services within hospital and provides vital support for families battling children’s cancer.

How we help

Once a candidate has been successfully placed in a role we donate a proportion of the fee to Candlelighters. We have had an incredibly positive response to this initiative from both candidates and clients.

The MWA team are also involved in charity events for Candlelighters throughout the year to help support and fund the fabulous work they do.

We have chosen to support this charity because we care deeply about the work Candlelighters carries out in helping families through this dreadful time. We know families who have suffered the appalling experience of seeing their child battle this terrible disease. The impact long term is devastating when a child is robbed of those precious years through hospital treatments, long-term clinical monitoring and recovery.

A close friend of ours, whose daughter has spent her entire childhood in and out of hospital having suffered with AML (acute myeloid leukaemia) three times over the past eleven years, could not rate their help highly enough:

“It was the little things you would hope to be there anyway which Candlelighters were able to provide which the NHS budget does not always stretch to. They buy up to date equipment, which may not be readily available in hospital; they fund play leaders and cooks to provide extra care the children need; they help families who have to take time away from work and they fund short breaks for them. Candelighters fund extra doctors and nurses for the wards and put significant amounts of money back into research to look into the complications the children, like my daughter, will suffer from for the rest of their lives.”

We hope that our contribution will go some way to helping such a worthwhile cause. And as a people-centric business, it is an obvious choice to help such a commendable charity.

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