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Senior Patent Attorney – Organic Chemistry/Physics

Cambridgeshire, UK

Senior Patent Attorney – Organic Chemistry/Physics

The Opportunity

Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) is a leader in solution processed polymer organic light emitting diode (P-OLED) materials and devices, as well as being a pathfinder company operating in a wide variety of leading-edge technologies, from life sciences through to energy and information technology with a focus of new advanced materials.

CDT is a part of global innovator, Sumitomo Chemical Company (SCC) and is their European Research Centre – a melding of great minds committed to developing creative hybrid chemistry for a more sustainable society and a better tomorrow.

CDT is in search of the finest IP minds to work with their scientific research teams and play a key role in advising their Strategic Executive leadership team. CDT has over 300 patent families and the candidate will also work closely with SCC in Japan.  Candidates will work alongside a Senior Patent Attorney and support staff in this crucible of innovation and will report directly to the Chief Technical Officer.


The Role


CDT enjoys a highly skilled inter-disciplinary team of specialists in chemistry, engineering, microelectronics, materials and life sciences.  In this hot house of collaborative innovation, the Senior Patent Attorney will lead by example (not only training and inspiring others), but by exercising his/her entrepreneurial spirit and commercial savvy. This means quickly recognising IP opportunities (and defending positions) to exploit, harvest and maximise the Company’s IP value across their extensive patent portfolio.

As part of an elite group of some of the UK’s brightest intellects in their fields, candidates will need exceptional communications skills, be openminded and collegiate in their approach, but be capable of articulating their own strategies with coherence, intelligence and persuasion. This challenging opportunity offers an excellent salary plus a range of attractive fringe benefits.

Professional Qualities

  • A background in Organic Chemistry or Physics, preferably with an MSc or PhD plus an EPA qualification are prerequisites.
  • Applicants will also need to have had relevant experience of working in-house with an industrial IP team or in an R&D environment.


Senior Patent Attorney – Organic Chemistry/Physics

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