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Global IP Leader

Belgium or China

Global IP Leader

The Opportunity

You have the opportunity to join the IP Group of Bekaert to take on the leadership of a team of seven employees located at the Bekaert R&D Centre in Deerlijk, Belgium and at the R&D Centre in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, China. Besides managing the team, the purpose of your role is to also take on a portfolio of cases ranging from substantive through to contentious and transactional matters. You will support Marc Messely, VP of IP, in running the department and in time, the opportunity could lead to succeeding Mr Messely when he retires in the coming years.

The Role

The IP Department reports into the General Counsel and with high visibility to research principally from Belgium and China, with additional regional development centres worldwide. The department employs three patent attorneys located in Belgium and one patent attorney located at the research site in China. Since Bekaert intends to invest in Vietnam the position could also be located in China to have visibility to the growing team located in the Far East and potentially in South East Asia. The team is also supported by two paralegals, an information analyst and an assistant. It is the intention that you will come into the department and take up the leadership of this team, under the guidance and management of the VP of IP.  This role calls for many skills – professionally and personally – with the opportunity to operate a free and autonomous position in what is an exciting industry sector. You will be able to imprint your own mark on the department and be a part of carrying the baton from the VP of IP who has established a long and successful reputation within the company and the wider patent profession.

Professional Qualities

  • Because the scope of the technology is so broad, you could have a Master’s degree in physics, mechanics or chemistry.
  • As you will be leading both European and Chinese qualified patent attorneys, you must come with either of these qualifications with five years of post qualified-experience in order to have been exposed to a broad range of IP issues.
  • You will be well versed in the full IP life cycle and happy in attending to substantive patent and trade mark matters as well as leading oral proceedings or contributing to litigation proceedings as well as providing input in to complex deals.
  • You will be a strong leader who can listen to team members, support, advise and encourage. You have an attitude of leading by example and not being averse to rolling your sleeves up and getting involved if required.
  • Your communication skills are effective in convincing internal stakeholders, providing succinct prose when it comes to educating senior management as well as clarity of instruction to your team so that they are left in no doubt that you are available to them in support and affirmative in your actions.
  • You have a strategic mind which can cut through the ‘clutter’ of overly detailed issues and being decisive to your team and the management when patent information is required.
  • You have a creative talent in being able to present solutions which may not have been considered before. You are comfortable with change within a department and in interacting with the business; considering new ideas and approaches to improving processes and protocols.


Global IP Leader

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