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European Patent Attorney

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

European Patent Attorney

The Opportunity

You have the opportunity to join an IP department which is embarking on a new chapter in its evolution towards providing Tenaris a full in-house IP service. You will come to the company with a solid substantive foundation, which you can impart as you support your internal clients. However, what is critical to this role is not just your professional capabilities but the value you can add in terms of your ability and energy to engage with different stakeholders; to be able to communicate lucidly with the business in promoting IP and, being the number-two to the Head of the Department, help establish a strong IP culture across the global R&D and commercial functions.

You will come to a team where you have high visibility to upper management and where IP is becoming increasingly important to the needs of Tenaris, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of steel pipe products and related services for the world’s energy industry and for other industrial applications.

The Role

The IP team is managed by Mr Jan-Willem Louwaard who in turn reports into the Managing Director for Tenaris Connections, all located in Amsterdam. The IP team is responsible for patent and trademark matters across the globe utilising a network of external counsel.  There are currently over 200 scientists and engineers dedicated to product and process development, and it is the responsibility of the IP team to support this group.

You will spend your formative months building up your internal network; engaging with the engineers and scientists to understand their IP needs and to ensure innovation capture is maximised. You will be the number-two to Jan-Willem, supporting him as he shapes the direction of the department and as he will look to you to take on a variety of projects – not just case-related but which will have a wider impact to the development of the department. The team will also need you to help mentor, coach and support their professional growth.

The scope of the role can be defined by your own experience, contribution and career aspirations. What is evident is the impact you will make in helping the department further iterate its services across an internal client base which views IP as crucial to supporting their own business and commercial objectives.

Professional Qualities

  • A Masters’ degree in mechanical engineering or related education.
  • Qualification as a European Patent Attorney.
  • Spanish language skills would be beneficial but not necessary.
  • Broad experience in prosecuting and opposing patents, advising on IP infringement and application of technologies.
  • This position brings with it major responsibilities and you will have exceptional communication skills and the ability to engage with colleagues.
  • Persuasion, persistence, enthusiasm and a willingness to embrace change, are important qualities required to operate in this international and multi-cultural environment.
  • International travel will be required to visit the R&D sites.


European Patent Attorney

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