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European Patent Attorney

Paris, France

European Patent Attorney

The Opportunity

This position can be instrumental in changing lives and contributing to the well-being of humanity.

Pfizer is a world leading company with an extensive portfolio of patents and a reputation for innovation and excellence. The candidate will be working mainly in the areas of oncology and rare diseases, an arena where breakthrough science can have a transformational effect on the lives and wellbeing of millions across the globe.

Not so much a role, more thousands of reasons to be challenged.

Top employer, top reward, top job

Pfizer is a global first tier organisation that leads by example; the Company has an unsurpassed track record in R&D, bringing life-changing new products to the market and enjoys Top Employer Certification in the UK. The opportunities for an accelerated career trajectory is myriad. Excellent salary, bonus and fringe benefits reflect the position. Expect travel In Europe and occasionally the US when Covid-19 allows.

The Role

Pfizer has thousands of patents and the list continues to grow. Keeping these patents protected under relevant laws and regulations ensures Pfizer’s vital IP assets are ring-fenced and their value maximised. The role includes drafting, managing and prosecuting patent filings in the biological molecules arena at development and preclinical stages. In addition, there is regular offensive and defensive European patent opposition work at the EPO and the candidate will work closely with scientists, legal colleagues and business development teams in the UK, US and Europe.

Professional Qualities

Exceptional roles require exceptional talent. Candidates must be qualified European Patent Attorneys with a few years of post qualification experience, have a degree in biological life sciences e.g. biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, preferably with an M.Sc or Ph.D. Experience in managing patent portfolios covering biologics and some small molecule experience would be an advantage.

Pfizer’s European patent team has an enviable reputation in handling oppositions at the EPO. The position requires: initiative, intellectual rigour and strong team working skills. Responsibilities for R&D programmes in the biologics arena carries with it serious commercial implications that will challenge the brightest minds



European Patent Attorney

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