Insight – Appointment of an IP Manager with Tenaris

25 Sep 2017

MWA was invited to the offices of Tenaris in Amsterdam in the early summer to discuss the need to appoint an IP Manager to replace a retiree. The previous incumbent had excellent knowledge of their sector and had built up credible expertise of the IP process over the many years working for the company, firstly in South America and then during the move to Europe.

In discussing the brief, there was the idea that a direct replacement was needed i.e. Someone who was not a qualified patent attorney but who possesses the relevant technical background and exposure to IP. In providing our viewpoint on the market and drawing on our 20 years of experience recruiting in the profession, we believed the position could be upscaled to accommodate someone with a professional education as European Patent Attorney with the remit to evolve the department from its already impressive position to one which could eventually become a full service IP function. This vision which was collectively created was welcomed by the client and the message to the market was very well-received. Admittedly, it does take a candidate with an entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism to accept such an interesting challenge, but this we found in an attorney working for a reputable private practice firm. He did not possess in-house experience but his energy, enthusiasm, drive and ambition were well-received and were the added-value over and above his exceptional professional qualities.

What we all learned from this campaign was to throw the net wide and to not have any pre-conceived ideas of what should fit the role. Professional competency is expected but it is the over-and-above qualities of an individual and the motivation which can become the holy grail when recruiting in this sector.